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NY Times “open air exhibit” and Haitians farmers

New Questions

What are human rights? Who decides?

Good editorial

Here is a good editorial that I found, it has a lot of quotes in it: Arnesen Editorial

Big Questions

Ideas for big questions!

Display topics

1. There are multiple narratives from different groups of Haitian refugees at Guantanamo. The HIV “prison camp” is one compelling narrative, but there are also the stories of everyone that didn’t even make it to the base because they were turned back at sea (doing immigration trials without lawyers, the bias demonstrated in these trials). […]

Week 1 discussion questions

1. Hansen tells the story of Guantanamo with a strong theme of criticizing American imperialism. What are his suggestions for the roots of American imperialism? To what extent does he blame individuals or the American people as a whole? What are the contemporary implications of Guantanamo’s imperialist past? Could the narrative be colored by the […]

Week 2, Day 1 Discussion Questions

1. How and why do we memorialize events? What are the social and political consequences? 2. How important is specificity in presenting difficult histories? Does putting a face to a story deepen understanding?